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What If Everybody Lived In Just One Building?

Another interesting video by RealLifeLore who make everyone of us neighbours. Kind of. This theoretical video already gathered over a…

Where The Heck Is Matt? (2016 Edition)

Four years after his last dancing trip around the world Matt Harding takes us on a spin again. This time…

What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?

What's for breakfast? Well, it matters where you are in the world. If you're in the USA you're probably having…

Germany In Two Minutes

WOKlTOKl has an ongoing series called The World In Two Minutes. For each episode, they collect all the best and most…

Travelling Around The World Time Lapse

Travelling and seeing the world is common dream of most people. But, sadly, 99% of people have to work and…

Abstract ‘Clock’ Is A Map Showing Day And Night Around The World

This abstract clock makes your old alarm clock look like an antique. There's no bright red numbers here, just a…

Man Records Himself Drinking Coke Around The World

Duane had dreams to see the world, so when turn 29 he stopped everything and traveled the world carefree. He…



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