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Wrecking Ball By Miley Cyrus With No Music

When it first came out in 2013, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus was a viral and meme sensation. But like


Graduating High School Class Performs Epic Pop Music Dance Routine

Graduating from high school is always an exciting moment in a person's life. But the ceremony, why does it always have to


Christina Grimmie Sings ‘Wrecking Ball’ On The Voice

Christina Grimmie has been a YouTube celebrity since she appeared on the music scene in 2009.  But now she's really made


This Toddler Singing Wrecking Ball With Passion In The Car Is The Cutest

Sophia Amzycki is only two years old, but she sings with more emotion and passion than most pop stars these


Ron Jeremy Covers Wrecking Ball Music Video

The Internet's obsession over the hit single Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus has finally waned. But now Spoken RAD and Ron Jeremy are bringing the


Miley Cyrus Covers Summertime Sadness On BBC Radio

It's not hard to go viral when you're super pop star Miley Cyrus. The Wrecking Ball singer was recently hosted by BBC Radio 1 where


Blind Girl From The Philippines Sings ‘Wrecking Ball’

Joyce Jimenez is only eleven years old, and can't see a thing, but gosh can she sing. In this video


Actors Of ‘Last Vegas’ Read Viral Pop Song Lyrics

Hal Rudnick of movie-obsessed Screen Junkies had the lucky opportunity to have a chat with the four stars of the new Hollywood


Gollum Covers ‘Wrecking Ball’

By now, most viewers and listeners are sick of the latest hit single from Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball. How many


Construction Workers React To Wrecking Ball

In just one month, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus has amassed over 200 million views spurring countless covers and parodies. But has


Miley Cyrus And Mumford & Sons Mash Up

This music video mash up by isosine has gone viral over the weekend! The music master somehow mixed Miley's latest hit single


Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Datamosh Music Video

Datamoshing is the practice of corrupting digital video or pictures to make a new form of art. YouTuber That Matt Caronguy "just