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I Bet You’ve Never Been As Angry As This Guy (And His Gun)

There's being angry, and there's being ANGRY. As in, you don't even care anymore... [embed][/embed]


Close Call

Sometimes you just can't find the brakes anymore.


Insurance Scam Backfires On Scammer

Insurance scammers get royally f*cked over. Justice! [embed][/embed]


Overly Dramatic People Are Living Click Bait

This compilation of overly dramatic people shows how much they love drama. Or is there something else going on? [embed][/embed]


Not Every Double Chin Is The Same

Do you have a double chin? And is it similar to one of the double chins in this WTF-video? [embed][/embed]


I Love My Baby

Don't you just love a car with lots of space in the trunk.


When You Worked For Too Long At The Grocery Store

We're not sure if this guy is just insanely fast at what he does, or whether he just couldn't care


Trapped in One Thousand Mousetraps (Slow Motion Footage)

It takes some balls of steel to voluntarily dive into one thousand mousetraps, but at least the slow motion footage


Just A Casual Bike Ride… Whoa, Is That A Bear Coming At Us?!

Nothing more challenging and relaxing than a bike ride through the forest, but this one is more about being scary. [embed][/embed]


Doomsday Prepping To The Max

An apocalypse is upon us any moment now, or at least more and more people like to think so. This


Vacuum Cleaner Screams At The Top Of Its Lungs

Usually it's the vacuum cleaner that frightens animals or small kids, but this one is easily scared itself. LOL.


Snake Wants To Hitch A Ride With Motorcyclist

There's room enough for two on that motorcycle, the snake thought. Or maybe he was just scared, that's also possible.