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Magnet Boy On News – FAKE

This is so fake, I'm embarrassed that a 'reputable' news source like MSNBC would waste their breath on such a


Japanese Zoo Tiger Escape Drill

At Tokyo's zoo, they take tiger escapes seriously. So serious that when they run a drill, they have a man


Fan Made Minecraft Commercial

Everyone knows you need an iron pick to mine diamonds.


James Corden Tells Justin Bieber You Smell Nice

James Corden asks Justin Bieber a few questions at the Brit Awards. Telling someone, 'you smell nice,' is awfully weird and creepy.


Dune Buggy Breaks, Falls Through Frozen Lake

If you're going to drive an expensive off road vehicle on a frozen lake, make dang sure it's thick enough


Man Against Gay Marriage Says Robots Will Get Married Then

First this loon says that if we allow two grown humans to choose what they want to do with their


Running Boarding Onto Moving Train In Myanmar

And you thought boarding the New York subway was crazy. In Myanmar the train doesn't stop for you. You have to


Crazy Touchdown Dance

I didn't think this video would go as viral as it has. This guy won $10,000 dancing his crazy touchdown


Ice Skating And Swimming Together In Norway

The Polar Bear Club has nothing on this dude. He ice skates on a frozen lake in Norway with nothing


Japanese “Sushi” Candy Making Set

[caption id="attachment_13278" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Japanese Candy Sushi"] [/caption] In America, our fat kids just shove the sugar and chocolate into


Man Feeds His Pet Rat On Subway

A man on the subway enjoys his spaghetti with his pet rat. He even feeds his little furry friend. He's a


Glenn Beck Wearing Wizard Robe, Holding Staff, Talking Like Yoda

nIt's hard to take this guy seriously when he claims to be a serious newsman, while also wearing wizard robes, holding