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VCR Into Cash Commercial

You've heard of Cash For Gold. Well now you can sell your VCR for cash. Just send VCR for cash


Car Explodes On Highway Caught On Dash Cam

I don't know if this is real or fake, or anything about this video for that matter. It's still incredible


Mario 64 Old Spice Mashup

Wtf am I watching? I don't know, but I'm thoroughly entertained. Some editor, who was certainly on meth, mashed up and mixed


Bender Robot In Russia

Bender from Futurama tries to break up an argument in Russia. What a peace maker. Do they even know who


Cat From Hell

Oh God! It's alive! Demon cats are real and live in Russia. Makes sense.


Meat Water – Meat Flavored Water Copied Vitamin Water

I honestly can't tell if this is real, and if it is real, how can it be real? You know


Creepy Old Man Loves Selena Gomez

Can you get any creepier than this? Some weird YouTuber confesses his love for the 19 year old pop star


Epic Car Burnout Leaves Flaming Tire Tracks

Damn! That reminds me of Back To The Future. A classic muscle car makes serious smoke, then pulls out, leaving


30 Japanese School Children Leg Race

In America our kids have trouble running with one partner in a leg race. Imagine having thirty school children all


School Bus Drives Through River In Nicaragua

You know when your dad says he had to walk to school uphill both ways? This is kind of like


Man Asks Internet For One Million Dollars, Someone Gives It To Him

When I first saw the viral video of a YouTuber asking the someone rich to please give me a million


WTF Kitten

Dramatic Look Gopher changed the Internet. That dramatic music has been put over so many cute animals. Now introducing WTF Kitten.