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What Kind Of Sorcery Is This

When You Have Too Much Time, You Obviously Build A Ping Pong Ball Trail

It takes great skill and precision to make a ping pong ball do exactly what you want. It takes hours…

I Packed Your Lunch

Hey Kids

Will Gordon Ramsey Ever Be Able To Cook Again?

Gordon Ramsey is a bit reckless in this one, and it looks like it's going to cost him... His hand.…

Bumper Cars Are Great Fun, But Are They Fast? (Yes.)

When bumping other bumper cars doesn't do the trick for you anymore, you just take your bumper car onto the…

The American Taxpayer

What Would You Do Eyes To Eyes With A Cobra? Probably Not This!

The best advice when confronted with a snake, would be to stop moving and slowly back away (as one of…

This Is Your Home

This Makeover Produces Nothing But Smiles, Until The Owner Opens Her Mouth

And Gordon Ramsey is not someone to take ungratefulness or unsolicited criticism lightly. Enjoy the fireworks!

This Dude Solves Insane Math Problems While Stuffing His Face With Spicy Wings

We're huge fan of the spicy wings series, and the questions and assignments they give their guests. Dax Shepard isn't…

If You’re Afraid Of Chickens Or Roosters You Might Want To Skip This One

Everybody is familiar with nightmares involving chickens, right? I can't be the only one, right!!? That is, I thought they…



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