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Girl Puts On Full Body Peel Off Mask

Izabela Stress put herself in a lot of stress by putting herself into a lot of peel off mask. What…

Cutting Out A Pike Eating A Bass Frozen In Ice

Just one thing: What the...?! o.O Trendy Outdoorsman got over 500,000 views on YouTube, presenting us his cool double fish…

This Are The 5 Stupidest Weapons Ever Built

With this issue of Good Mythical Morning our beloved comedy duo Ren & Stimpy Rhett & Link got over 1.5…

Horse Has Fun With Squeaky Toy

Debbie Barber came across a pretty happy horse. via: tyrosize

Is This The Internet?

Uhm, o-kay... This video by Poppy, from Youtube, The Internet, got viral with a quarter million views within two days.…

Riding A Skateboard Made Of Pure Concrete

Louis Weisz did probably make the heaviest skateboard on earth. At least until the guys from Braille Skateboarding test whether…

Lifelike Looking Milk Chocolate Turkey

Last week the 20 pound turkey now this chocolate monstrosity. Grant Thompson did this "thing of random" out of solid…


I don't even know... how to... write-pronounce this. Just watch (and listen) to the real Cow-Boy! "Beautiful." If you want…

Wellness + Rollercoaster = Spamusement Park

What seems to be a beautifully thought and made up hoax is a well done hoax, but the "Beppu City…

Train Line Leads Through House

So Edward Elric found the perfectly tethered flat! Only a few centimeters to the train... via: cartoonland

The 10 Creepiest Websites On The Internet!

Last year YouTuber Matthew Santoro did over 6 million views with his video "The 10 Creepiest Websites On The Internet!"…

How To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner With A Drone

The people from Autel Robotics already cooked a delicious meal for Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe they had to invest a little…



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