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Singer Leaves X-Factor Judges In Tears

As a judge on one of the most popular televised talent shows in the world, it's easy to become bored after


Carlos Guevara Who Suffers From Tourettes Sings ‘Gravity’ By John Mayer On X Factor

Carlos Guevara seemed to have it all as a kid. He was popular, was on the football team, and was


Rachel Potter Sings Country Cover Of “Somebody To Love” By Queen On X-Factor

Like so many people around the world, Rachel Potter was too afraid to chase after her dreams for years. She's


Carly Rose Sonenclar Sings Rolling In The Deep On The X Factor

Remember Carly Rose Sonenclar, the thirteen year old who took this season of The X Factor by storm? Her original performance


Clara Van Wel Sings On New Zealand’s Got Talent

Most kids on all the Got Talent shows around the world just cover other pop artists songs. But not Clara


Freddie Combs Sings Wings Beneath My Wings On The X Factor USA

Freddie Combs is the latest X Factor star to go viralviral. Years ago, Freddie got caught in a horrible eating


Willie Jones Sings Your Man On X Factor

After so many talent shows, seasons, and contestants, is it possible to find someone actually original? Willie Jones thinks so.


Panda Ross Sings Bring it On Home On The X Factor

Panda Ross is the latest big personality on The X Factor to make a big splash. After revealing the ridiculous story


Carly Rose Sonenclar Sings Feeling Good X Factor

Thirteen year old Carly Rose Sonenclar isn't homeless or a bully victim, but sometimes just a regular girl can go viral on


Bully Victim Jillian Jensen Sings ‘Who You Are’ On X Factor

There's no question America has a deep bully epidemic. Instead of being a place of safety and learning, our schools


Christopher Maloney Sings Bette Midler’s The Rose On X Factor

Receiving a standing ovation from the audience on singing talent shows is difficult enough, but for all four judges to


X Factor Contestant Disgraces Demi Lovato For Using Auto-Tune

We've all become accustomed to all the X Factor Idol Got Talent shows with a table of mean, insulting judges