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Grandpa Performs Inconceivable Beer Yoga Trick

This is a beer drinking trick that would be difficult for a college student, but somehow this older man accomplishes…

Arrogant Cat Perfectly Blocks Girl’s Perfect Yoga Pose

Cats are funny creatures. Sometimes, it seems like we humans love them more than they love us back. Snoky Hootan was performing…

Cat Interrupts Yoga Recording

Jahz Yoga was trying to make a homemade yoga video when her cat Milo had enough.  Milo wanted attention and somehow…

Cat Helps With Yoga Routine

Cats are already very lithe and agile, so they don't have to partake in Yoga. Actually, some cats can actually…

Yoga Break Dancing

Yoga and break dancing are two very different forms of exercise. Ever wonder what they would look like smashed together?…

Couple Performs Advanced Yoga Balancing Act On Moving Subway

The New York City subway system is always a plentiful source for viral videos. One New York traveler caught this…

Yoga Cat

This cat is just doing some yoga. I don't know what pose this is called. Maybe the Japanese cat pose.


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