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This Happens When You Reach 50 Million Subscribers On YouTube

You may have heard of YouTuber PewDiePie reaching the epic number of 50 million subscribers on his channel recently. YouTube…

YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge

Another year, another Rewind video by YouTube. Within minutes it had it's first million views, now after one day the…

nigahiga’s “Saddest Video Ever”

YouTuber nigahiga was challenged by his readers to accomplish the "Try Not To Cry Challenge". After him crying a lot…

Successful YouTuber Surprises Parents, Pays Off Their Mortgage

For most parents, the mortgage on the house weighs on their shoulders for nearly their entire lives. When he was…

Come With Us – Original Song Featuring Famous YouTubers

Popular violinist Lindsey Stomp teamed up with a slew of popular YouTuber musicians and stars to produce this original song, titled Come With Us.…



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