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Worlds Best Yoyo Tricks Of 2016

Yes, yoyo is still a thing. The Wind Up put together this compilation of the best tricks on a chord…

Yo Yo Master Paul Dang

There are may videos of yo yo master Paul Dang showing off his best tricks. His latest tricks video went viral over…

US 1st Place Yo-Yo Champion

Samm Scott became the US National champion yo-yo master held by Duncan Toys. Most people can barely yo-yo at all,…

Yo Yo World Champion 2011

Who knew yo-yoing could be so cool? The YoYoFactory holds a world championship each year, and this year the crown…

Dude Performs Epic Yo-yo Tricks By The Pool

Some people like to chill by the pool. Chase would rather pull off sick yo-yo tricks by the pool. I'm…


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