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Gorgeous Zelda Piano Medley

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most famous video game franchises in the world. It doesn't matter the…

Honest Trailer Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Even gamers who aren't a fan of Zelda have played Ocarina of Time. It is one of the most popular…

Legend Of Zelda Spoof Of Jason Derulo’s ‘Wiggle’

After K-Face's viral success parodying Jason Derulo's pop sensation Talk Dirty, the nerd crew teamed up again to cover another Jason song…

First Person Legend of Zelda

Over a month ago, First Person Sonic the Hedgehog was trending, and now stands with over two million views.  Machinima is continuing…

Boba Fett Playing Zelda Music

Nerd worlds are colliding! Boba Fett plays the Lost Woods music from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. I…

Tetris Theme On Zelda Ocarina Of Time

This nerd is a god walking among men. He plays the classic Tetris theme on Zelda Ocarina of Time flawlessly.…



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