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Surfing On And BASE Jumping Off A Zipline

If surfing isn't extreme enough for you, you can go ziplining. If ziplining isn't extreme enough for you, try BASE…

World’s Largest Urban Zipline

Panama City is home to the world's largest urban zipline. This is an extreme ride like no other! Riders travel…

World’s Most Extreme Zipline

In case regular ziplining is too boring for you, HighGround Adventures Nepal has now unveiled the world's most extreme zipline. The course, which is one of…

Geico Commercial – Ziplining Pig Screams Wee

The annoying whining Geico pig Maxwell is back in a brand new commercial that has quickly gone viral like his first one.…

Zipline Wedding Crash

Let's zipline over a river at our wedding dear. What a great idea, thought the bride. But she forgot her husband…


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