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Man Falls Into Lion Enclosure

A man presumable drunk, high or mentally incapacitated enters the lion's enclosure at a zoo somewhere in India. This video


Chimpanzee Doesn’t Care About His Visitors At All

This chimpanzee is fed up with everyone staring at his behavior, and decides to takes matters into his own hands.


Zookeeper Gets Assaulted By A Cage Full Of Pandas

Pandas are nature's greatest evolutionary wonder. They have quite a few flaws, but still manage to sort of thrive in


Animals Of Oregon Zoo Enjoy The First Snow Day Of 2017

How about some fluff images? Get your portion of the day with this video by Oregon Zoo. "Polar bear Nora,


Toronto Zoo Giant Panda vs. Snowman

This little guy doesn't like his new flatmate... :) The video about Da Mao got over 1 million views on


Remember Never To Show Fear In Front Of A Lion!

This might just be a goofy bit by the zookeeper, but then it would be staged pretty convincing! So remember


GoPro View of Cheetah Run

The cheetah is famous as the fastest ground animal in the animal kingdom. If you ever wanted to experience the


Pandas Mess With Staff As They Attempt To Clean

Without a doubt, the panda is the cutest bear. They're basically the closest thing to pet bears. Chinese news channel CCTV


Hippos Eat Entire Watermelons Whole At Zoo

Thanks to cartoons and their silly name, hippopotamuses have a reputation for being soft, goofy animals. That couldn't be further


‘Moron’ Jumps Over Fence At Tiger Exhibit At Zoo To Retrieve His Hat

A cheap hat is replaceable. An arm or a leg, however, is not. That apparently didn't matter to one man


Tigers Get Into Intense Fight At Dublin Zoo

Any pet owner who has two or more cats knows that even the best of cat friends eventually get into a


Gorilla Charges Glass At Zoo

Similar videos such as this one have been posted online before, but it seems it's still a shocking surprise each