Baby Girl Loves to Admire Her Chubby Belly

Chubby babies are the cutest babies. We all love a good, chunky baby with adorable fat rolls on her legs! Once babies hit a certain age, they just love to spend time looking at themselves! Watch this wide-eyed and absolutely adorable curiosity in action as this chunky baby girl admires her big, chubby belly! This 9-month-old baby is sitting in her high-chair after eating what looks like a rather large meal (judging by the size of the tummy)! She proudly pats and plays with her protruding belly as if to show it off to the camera! We love a confident baby girl! And the cuteness does not end there! We just can’t get enough of her adorable baby noises and gurgles (she’s probably talking about her tummy)! Check out some more adorable videos that are sure to make you go “awww!”