Whether for a new opportunity, career position, or the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, relocating your entire life and household can be a time of great excitement mixed with a ton of stress. A few simple tips will help you avoid the most unnecessary and avoidable stress triggers.

Plan your budget in advance

Budgeting for the most common moving expenses is an excellent way to avoid any nasty surprises that may disrupt your move. Decide how your belongings are going to be transported. Will you go the “Do It Yourself” route by renting a large truck, the “Done For You” option by hiring pros, or combine renting a self-storage container that a company picks up and transports to your new location after you pack it?


Look into the car shipping cost to transport your vehicle, along with other professional services. The rest of the budget will need to focus on boxes and moving supplies, transporting yourself, and other common costs associated with moving.

List what you need to do

There are a lot of items you will need to complete to have a smooth transition. You can do some of these items by hiring a service, while other things will need to be your project:


  • Clean and organize. Sort your belongings into categories of Keep, Donate, or Toss, and schedule a pick-up time with a charity to donate still useful items.
  • Coordinate with utility companies on both ends of the moves.
  • Change your address a few weeks in advance.
  • Planning your packing system and list supplies needed for each room or location

Create a schedule

Use your list to create a schedule of when everything you need to complete for your big move, and start well in advance of your move, so you don’t feel rushed. Start with the items or areas that are not essential to everyday needs, like the attic, garage, or seasonal use areas, and end with the most necessary.

Organize, organize, organize

There’s no way to emphasize this tip enough. Label and number every box with the room it needs to be placed in, and create a master list of the contents. It makes unpacking go much faster, so you can get settled quickly.

Pack a bag or suitcase with essentials

It is an excellent idea to pack about a week’s worth of items, so you don’t have to unpack dozens of boxes to find your hairdryer.

Keep important documents with you

Don’t let these items out of your sight. Purchase an organizer such as an accordion file or file box to keep these items safe.

Stay healthy

Make sure you are staying hydrated, nourished, and well-rested during this time. Take extra care of yourself to keep your strength up. 

Wrap up

Relocating to your new home and life can be a smooth transition with the correct planning and mindset. Take a deep breath, shake off the anxiety, and stick to your plan. You’ll be stepping over your new threshold in no time.