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YouTube Wrap Up Video 2011

What would the Internet be without YouTube? 2011 was a fantastic year with many memorable viral videos which all debuted on the


Best Ping Pong Shots Of 2011

Football, basketball, and even hockey are all popular sports you'd expect to see viral videos about, but ping pong? The


Best Fails From 2011

All the greatest fails that you've seen already or missed are packed into this lengthy 2011 wrap up Fail compilation. 


Google 2011 Wrap Up

The year of 2011 was full of catastrophes, protests, natural disasters, revolutions, viral videos, celebrity stories, and hope. Throughout the year,


Movies From 2011 Ultimate Super Cut

The end of 2011 comes closer everyday with more wrap up videos continuing to pop up as News Years approaches. Genrocks went


Top Pranks Of 2011 Compilation

Break has compiled the ten best pranks from this year into one epic prank video. Some you will recognize, others you


Top Memes Of 2011

All the top ten lists from 2011 are beginning to storm in. Here's the very unofficial 'Best Memes of 2011.'


The Three Stooges 2011 Trailer

It's no surprise anymore when Hollywood just regurgitates the old and remakes it for more money. Movie goers are used


2011 Quidditch World Cup

The final Harry Potter film finally came out this year, but that doesn't mean the buzz surround the Internationally famed


2011 Hollywood Movies Supercut

This time of year isn't only a time of holiday viral videos. It's also when the tidal wave of 2011 wrap


Fail Compilation November 2011

Fail compilations have become the preferred form of consuming fail videos now. Who wants to watch a bunch of short


Selena Gomez MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 Promo

It seems the world has finally found their Miley Cyrus replacement. That was fast. Selena Gomez is younger, and therefore