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How to ruin a horror movie

Face Plant

Whoa, so that’s coffee – Cat

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate A Cloud Of Smoke

Dmitry Panshin uploaded this video of a dashcam recording a little winter drive behind a cloud of snowy dust. 200,000…

Toy Phone Calls Pig When You Dial 911

Dirty Hippy found a funny coincidence when you dial 911 on this toy telephone. It just happens to call the pig character…

Woman Calls 911 And Orders Pizza Commercial Will Give You Chills

It's never a good idea to prank 911. Still, many foolish kids attempt to crank call the emergency number. So when…

Girl’s Crash Story Will Make You Never Text And Drive Again

Like so many teenagers these days, Liz admits that she used text on her phone while she was driving. But…

Drone Captures Mayflower, Arkansas Tornado Damage On 4-27-2014

A powerful and terrifying tornado struck Mayflower, Arkansas on Sunday. After the storm passed, Brian Emfinger grabbed his camera-equipped drone and took…

Ghost Car Comes Out Of Nowhere In Russian Traffic

This video, posted by street creator and house, has exploded online, garnering over 2 million views in just a few days.…

Four Year Old Performs ‘Gangnam Style’ On Belgium’s Got Talent

The Internet has a way of often bringing back a meme when it is least expected.  That is the case…

Complete One World Trade Center Time Lapse 2004-2013

It's been nine long years, but finally, Earth Cam is proud to post this final commemorative time-lapse movie of One World Trade Center…

World’s Greatest Drag Race 3

For the past two years, Motor Trend has held a 'Greatest Drag Race' of super sports cars at the end of the…



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