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Jimmy Fallon And Adam Sandler Sing a Song For The Troops

Adam Sandler is famous for being one of the goofiest guys in Hollywood, but he has a serious side. And


Adam Sandler Performs Chanuka Song Part 4 At Concert

Since the 90's, Adam Sandler has helped put Chanuka on the map with the now classic holiday song, The Chanuka Song. Years


Adam Sandler Sings Farewell To David Letterman

It's actually quite shocking to think that David Letterman has been hosting The Late Show for over 20 years. Now that


Pixels Is The Strangest Looking Video Game Action Movie Ever

There have been many video game based movies in the past, but they are rarely successful. Sony Pictures Entertainment has decided to


Adam Sandler And Bob Barker Fight In A Hospital Room

It's been years since The Price Is Right host Bob Barker has been in the spot light. But he has


Adam Sandler Looks For Conan In Los Angeles

Adam Sandler and late night host Conan O'Brien are good buddies. Still, Conan is apprehensive to share his address with


Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Perform The Every 10 Years Love Song On The Tonight Show

It seems about every ten years Adam Sandler stars in a new romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore. And the two


Professional Golfers Attempt Happy Gilmore Shot At The European Tour

'Happy Gilmore' is such a popular film, even the golfing pros at the European Tour are fans of the Adam Sandler comedy. 


Honest Trailers For ‘Grown Ups’

What?? Hollywood is churning out more pointless sequels that nobody asked for? We don't believe it! Well it's true. Naturally,


Impressionist Reads Fifty Shades Of Grey In Fifty Different Voices

NSFW Warning - content Impressionist Brock Backer has gone viralviral riding the coattails of the current Fifty Shades of Grey obsession in


George C Scott Reacts To Adam Sandler’s Jack And Jill Trailer

Adam Sandler is famous for his cheesy, goofy, light hearted movies. His latest movie, Jack and Jill, looks so bad,


Just Go With It Adam Sandler Facebook Trailer

I'm surprised it took Adam Sandler this long to star in a cheesy 'date' movie that had to do with