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Never Drinking Again – Short Musical About The Next Morning

"I'm never drinking again." It's a famous phrase that almost every adult has said at least once in their lives.


100 Sake Bombs Set Up Like Dominoes

Sake Bombs are a delicious way to get hammered. All you need is a glass of cold beer and a


Frat Boy Catches Cup Of Beer Thrown From Balcony

Beer is an essential part of most young men's lives. Kids drink milk, and men drink beer. That's it. Check


Party Goers Watch As SWAT Team Arrives At Neighbor’s House

In a nice quiet neighborhood in Seattle, someone called the police that shots were fired. The suspect locked himself in


FPS Russia And Epic Meal Time

One of the first rules of handling weapons is no alcohol allowed. But where's the fun in that? Besides for


Man Kisses Beer At Basketball Game ‘Kiss cam’

The kiss camera is the cheesiest part of any sporting event. Why do they do it to us? When the


Cooking With Whiskey

cookingwithwhiskey is a cooking show where the host, whose name happens to be whiskey, cooks a dish with whiskey, while


Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga Liqourville SNL Skit

Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga performed in a hilarious, musical alcohol themed skit on SNL last weekend. Timberlake came out


Tapping Open A Champagne Bottle With A Glass

This older video from 2009 went unnoticed for almost two years. Just now it has erupted with activity. A man


Sandra Lee Pours In More Than Two Shots Worth

This Food Network clip from 2009 of Sandra Lee making a Kiwi cocktail just went viral. People seem to think


Epic Taco Night Covered In Tequila

It's time for an epic taco night. To bad they poured booze all over their food. Tequila in salsa? Sorry,


Lonely Island Rokk Vodka Commercial Spoof

In honor of their new album The Lonely Island released an over the top vodka commercial. I honestly can't tell