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Ink in water creates space-like visuals

The guys from Macro Room manage to create surreal worlds that almost look like outer space sci-fi stuff by just putting


Deep Sea Jellyfish Look Like Aliens

Jellyfish are already haunting and creepy creatures that might be one of the weirdest found on our planet. But somehow, the deep


TV Show Pranks Volunteer That Baby Alien Hatched From Egg

Michael Carbonaro of the truTV show The Carbonaro Effect pulled  a doozy of a prank in this year old clip that is trending


Close Encounter

Almost every week, there is one Saturday Night Live skit that stands out from the rest. This is this weekend's most popular


UFO Visible From International Space Station

Every now and then, yet another video claiming to have actual and clear evidence of a truly alien UFO emerges


Mysterious Light Flash Caught On Camera During News Traffic Report

This Phoenix Fox 10 report went super viral over the weekend, amassing over 4.5 millions views. During Andrea Robinson's traffic report, a huge


UFO Trucked Through Small Town Is Really New Military Craft

Small town folk in Cowley County, Kansas were shocked and surprised when they saw what could only be described as


UFO Sighting From Airplane

An airplane passenger caught four UFOs for a few short moments on their iPhone, and, like so many other UFO


Sesame Street Yip Yip Martians At Dragon Con

When asked, most people consider Cookie Monster to be the most famous creature from Sesame Street. And he is extremely


Possible UFO Found In Baltic Sea

UFO sightings are a common occurrence these days, and, so far, they have all turned out to be just that. They are


Dead Alien Found In Russia

Near an area in Russia where people claimed to see a UFO, this video of a supposed alien body has


Android Mascot Crazy Dance

What happens when you give your Android Ecstasy? He goes crazy. Dance, dance little alien.