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Baboon Is Amazed By Man’s Magic Trick

It's hard to be original on the Internet. The Web has already need monkeys freak out over magic tricks before.


Little Kids Says Food Is Too Cute To Eat

This kid has a serious problem. He wants to eat his hot dogs but the snacks are also adorably laid out.


Seal Jumps On Guy’s Boat And Makes A Friend

Who doesn't love seals? They're basically just dogs who live in the water. One lucky boater had the amazing opportunity


Kids Say And Do The Darndest Things Compilation

Probably the most famous saying about children is that "Kids say the darndest things." They also do the darndest things. America's Funniest Videos naturally


Smart Dog Figures Out How To Carry Big Stick Through Narrow Bridge

Everyone knows that dog is man's best friend. And a stick is a dog's best friend. There are plenty of


Girl’s Flying Fairy Flies Right Into The Fireplace

This video by America's Funniest Home Videos has exploded with over half a million views! A little girl shows the camera her