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Wakeboarding In A Tuxedo In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netheralands, is famous for a lot of things. Anyone who has visited the city notices


Terrifyingly Realistic Uruk Hai Goes Grocery Shopping

Nerds will recall that the Uruk-hai are the monstrous orc creatures from the Lord of the Rings universe. For a makeup project,


Taking Apart Friend’s Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Prank

Dutch YouTuber Joost Reijmers and Thomas pulled an epic nerd prank on their friend Michael.  After Michael spent the entire day putting


Holland The Original Cool Commercial

Visit Holland has created an instant viral hit in this new commercial, Holland The Original, promoting tourism in the small European country.


Long Passenger Boat Pulls Off Sharp Drifting Turn Through Narrow Amsterdam Canals

As their name suggests, Amsterdam In Video specializes in all things Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Over the weekend, their first video to go viral


iPhone 5 Super Glued To The Ground Prank

If you've turned on a TV, radio, or Internet connection in the past week, you've no doubt had Apple iPhone


Skaters Accidentally Catch Giant Construction Boulder Falling On City Bus On Camera

It's not uncommon for skater boarders to record while they skate. How do you think all those amazing trick video,


Ice Skating On Amsterdam’s Frozen Canals

For the first time in fifteen years, the canals in Amsterdam have frozen from this year's brutal winter. And the


Man Sets Himself On Fire In Amsterdam Square

A disturbed man set himself on fire in Dam Square, Central Amsterdam. It is reported that he argued with a group of