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Cyanide & Happiness Short: Gym Class

I actually think that "Cyanide & Happiness" did have a lot better shorts in the past, but this one got


Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2016: The Greatest Gift

Another little christmas tradition - the yearly Sainsbury ad. This time James Corden sings us a song and we get


Human Population Through Time Visualized

This very interesting video from the American Museum of Natural History displaying the growth of the human population on earth

Overwatch Animated Short: “Infiltration”

It's really crazy. Everything that Blizzard touches seems to become gold. And when they upload a new short of their

Is ‘Breaking Bad’ a Prequel to ‘The Walking Dead’?

Netflix just got viral with their animated fan theorie of "Breaking Bad" being a possible prequel that led to the


Casually Explained: Animated Guide To Clubbing

Clubbing - this evil genius hell-fun thing that everyone love and hates, depending on the time you ask them. Casually