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The Simpsons Tribute To Hayao Miyazaki

This new clip from the long running animated sitcom The Simpsons has gone viral. Posted on Fox's Animation Domination YouTube channel,…

Star Wars As A 1980’s Anime

Nerd and comedy channel Nacho Punch has gone viral with their hilarious parody on what Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back…

Nyan Cat VS Grumpy Cat Animeme Rap Battle

Animeme and Official Comedy published the hilarious Forever Alone VS Overly Attached Girlfriend Rap Battle at the start of the month, quickly garnering over 300,000…

Funny – Anime Art

How I Feel Whenever I Talk About Anime

Funny Pictures – Real Life vs. Anime

Real Life vs. Anime

Anime Style Action In Real Life Ping Pong Match

You know all those flashing colors and slow motion action in Anime? Well, imagine what that anime style action would…

Anime in real life

Real life Anime



Real vs. Anime




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