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British Baseball Commentary

Us Yanks can't help but be entertained by the cliche sports announcers from across the pond. Especially because the game…

Olympic Commentators are Dicks

NBC has been getting a lot of negative attention for their abysmal delivery of the London Olympics. Constant spoilers, mixed…

Chicago Bulls Sports Announcer Ray Clay Performs Wedding Introductions

Remember the Internet famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance back in 2009? Well, there is finally some competition for having the…

Hilarious Lacrosse Announcer’s Reaction To Goal

At a high school lacrosse playoffs game, the announcer gives the usual blow by blow. But when a goal is…

Fat Kid Says Announcer Erin Andrews Is Hot On TV

At a Kansas vs. Kansas State game, the TV pans to announcer Erin Andrews to add her two cents. A…

High School Football Announcer Goes Crazy When Mathew Showalter Picks Up Fumble Touchdown

The announcer is calm and ready for the play. The Yellowjackets fumble he goes ape ----, screaming. Batesville's Matthew Showalter picks up the…



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