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Guy Builds Huge 30,000 Liter Aquarium In His Living Room

Most people have a big screen TV in their living room and all the nice things they want to display


Starfish Tries To Steal Cave Fish Just Dug Up

Dogchomp was at the Scripps Aquarium San Diego when they witnessed an exciting scene of nature. A fish was digging a small


Shark Eats Others Shark At South Korean Aquarium

The shark is at the top of the food chain in the ocean. And apparently, even sharks aren't safe from attacks


Octopus Almost Escapes From Tank At Seattle Aquarium

Besides for the shark, the octopus is the scariest and creepiest of all oceanic animals. There's just something so chilling


Shedd Aquarium’s New Otter Pup Is Adorable

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium has a brand new family member, and the Internet has instantly fallen in love. A five-week-old sea otter was


What It’s Like To Be A Real Life Mermaid

Countless young girls dream of being a mermaid when they grow up. Sadly, that's impossible. But three young women have


Rare Oarfish Sighting

During a trip to Baja, participants of Shedd Adventures had the special opportunity to see not one, but two rare oarfish while at


Girl Dances For Dolphin At Aquarium

Fun Dipped Productions published this video in June, but it has only exploded across the web now. The video is also


Sea Lion Reacts Worried When Little Girl Falls

Ariel Myren was at the National Zoo in Washington DC when she caught an amazing connection between animal and human on camera at


Hawaiian Monk Seal Spinning In Place

This adorably short video was posted five months ago, but has only started to truly trend now, appearing on DailyOfTheDay,


Beaver Waves Back To Friendly Boy At Zoo

This adorable video by Luyen Dao has started to trend after being featured by SayOMG, TO, and DailyPicks. At the aquarium, little Ryan


Artist Shows Beluga Whale His Sketch Book

Everyday, more and more evidence is found showing that animals are much more intelligent than we give them credit for.