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Attempted Robbery Caught On Bicyclist’s GoPro Helmet Cam

Mike Graziano is on a mission to travel to every country in the world with his friends. While biking through a


Dog Befriends Boy With Down Syndrome

Argentinian mother  posted this precious original video of a local dog befriending and interacting with her son who suffers from Down


Lionel Messi Flipbook Tribute

YouTuber etoilec1 is famous online for his impressive and extensive flipbook animations. His latest flip book creation is a tribute to Argentinian


Carnival Rides Floating In Buenos Aires

This new video published over the weekend by Black Sheep Films already has over 400,00 views. With amazing editing skills and special


Man Builds Entire House From Plastic Bottles

We first saw the potential of plastic bottles when a man literally built a floating island all out the wasteful


Amazing Dog Puppeteer Plays Fetch With Little Girl

Someone in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina caught this beautiful scene on camera. A little kid plays with a dog puppet


Christopher Lloyd Stars In Argentina Electronics Store

Now that the thirty year anniversary of Back To The Future is approaching, Christopher Lloyd, who played the famous Dr. Emmett Brown, is suddenly relevant


Christopher Lloyd Stars In New Argentina Back To The Future Commercial

As special effects evolve, even simple commercials can have the look of an expensive Hollywood just a couple decades ago.