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Tourist Discovers ATM Skimmer In Vienna

As a tourist, you must always been extra cautious for scams and thieves. While visiting Vienna, Ben Tedesco noticed something strange when


ATM Explodes In Robber’s Face

An apparent criminal got what he deserved, and the Internet is loving it. This video by Ntpfes apparently shows security camera video


ATM Robbery Prank Is A Really Bad Idea

It seems some online pranksters may have taken their shenanigans a little too far in search off views. Popular YouTube prankster Vitalyzd teamed


Brazilian Overlay ATM Machine Scam

In this viral video posted by Marcos Andrade, police in São Paulo, Brazil unveil a scam ATM machine. The machine


ATM Prints Countless Smiley Face Receipts

Last week, ssweens113 posted this video of his hilarious experience at the drive-thru ATM, and now the video has over 160,000 views. After


Cupcake Vending Machine

Who wouldn't want a yummy, cupcake at anytime of the day? That's exactly what famous LA cupcake bakery Sprinkles thought. So they


Snake In Spanish ATM Machine

A man in Llodio, Alava, Spain was unpleasantly surprised when he went to reach for his money at a Caja


Old Man Tries To Steal ATM With Scooter

In the movies, robbers try to steal ATM machines with big trucks. Even then it's not that easy. One old