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The Internet is Down

Today, nearly all of us take it for granted and depend on it like electricity or water. What are we


Selfie The Musical

It was only a few years ago when most people would shrug at the word 'selfie.' What does that mean?


Honest Trailer Of The Little Mermaid

Who doesn't look back at the classic Disney feature film The Little Mermaid through nostalgic lens? But as the movie nerds


Online Dating The Musical

Today, there are countless different ways to date online. From general sites like E-Harmony, to much more specific dating like


Dr. Who VS Sherlock Holmes The Musical

The musical nerds at AVbyte have taken a move right out of Epic Rap Battles of History's playbook, and have pinned


Disney Villains The Musical

Disney's new live action prequel for Sleeping Beauty will soon be in theaters. In honor of Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie opening in theaters


Game Of Thrones The Musical

The Internet is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones. With the April 6 debut


A Feminist ‘Frozen’ Musical

For years, Disney princesses have ended up with a prince. But princess Elsa from Frozen has taught us that a princess doesn't


Sherlock Season 3 The Musical

In honor of the third season of the ultra popular BBC crime drama Sherlock, the musical nerds at AVbyte created this special musical.  Thank


Gollum Draws His Life The Musical

All the cool YouTubers have done it. Even Superman and Harry Potter have.  So in honor of The Hobbit, the


YouTubers Sing Procrastination The Musical

Nearly a year ago, the musical masters at AVbyte went viral with their Procrastination Musical that now stands with over 1.2 million


Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag The Musical

Popular musical group AVbyte has teamed up with parkour master Richie Rodriquez to produce this stunning new video fixated on the acclaimed