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EPIC HOW TO Lead A Revolution

Something every single one of us is lasting to do... AWE me show is how it is done! "Learn everything


How To Time Travel

This time (or next time or last time...) AWE me present us the ultimate "EPIC HOW TO" time travel. via:


Forging Elektra’s Sais in Real Life

The guys from "Man At Arms" reforged the iconic weapons of Daredevil'S Elektra. AWE me already got over 500,000 views


How To Survive A Lion Attack

In this "Epic How To" AWE me gives us lifesaving advice - IF you ever happen to get into a


Epic How To Read A Mind

So if you ever wanted to read other people's minds - here is your chance! AWE me presents this "Epic

Reforging The Sword of Gryffindor From Harry Potter

The blacksmiths and craftsman from AWE Me recently build a replica of the infamous "Sword of Gryggindor" from "Harry Potter"


Batmobile Baby Stroller Is Every Nerdy Parent’s Dream

For as long as wife Maressa has known her husband Josh, he has been a huge Batman fan. As a surprise


Recreating Jon Snow’s Longclaw

What Game of Thrones fan hasn't dreamed of slaying monsters with Jon Snow's Longclaw sword? After being begged by fans, AWE me and master


Building The Blades Of Chaos From God Of War

Master swordsmith Tony Swatton of AWE me recreates an epic weapon from video games, movies, and television every week.  This time, he built the Blades


Building Bilbo’s Sting Sword From Lord Of The Rings

Master swordsmith Tony Swatton of AWE me returns with special guest Kevin from VSauce2 to build and discuss the magical sword from The


Creating Thor’s Hammer

With all the hype online over the new Thor movie debuting this Friday, Thor: The Dark World, this extended video