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20 January, 2020



Baseball Player Snags Flying Bat

Oh wow, he has got some serious reflexes! "Adeiny Hechavarria loses control of his bat and Luis Guillorme catches it


Baseball Star Kris Bryant Gets Pranked By Hall Of Famer Greg Maddux

I am moving at the moment and kind of buzy, so I sadly can't deliver you the normal frequency of


Baseball Player Blasts Ball Through Stadium’s Roof

Shohei Otani from the Japanese baseball team "Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters" did invent a whole new type of "Home Run". He

Bill Murray Crashes White House Press Briefing Room To Talk Baseball

Is there anybody in the world who doesn't love Bill Murray...?! "Talking up the Chicago Cubs, the Hollywood star wanders


Softball Stereotypes

It's finally spring! And that means sports. Specifically, baseball and softball season. Now that it's finally warm enough to play,


Cubs Baseball Star Kris Bryant Pranks College Team As Rookie Transfer

Red Bull teamed up with Cubs baseball star Kris Bryant to prank a college baseball team. Mesa Community College baseball coach was in


Cute Kid Adorably Sings Australian National Anthem With Hiccups

It takes serious guts for anyone to sing the national anthem in front of a large crowd. It's an even


Blitzball Trick Shots

For decades, people have been playing the same sports with the same balls, such as baseball, golf, basketball, and volleyball.


Samurai Slices High Speed Baseball In Half

The Samurais of Japan have been famous around the world for centuries for their impressive athletic and fighting abilities. Just because we're


T-Pain Sings National Anthem At LA Dodgers Game

Of all the famous pop stars out there, T-Pain is probably most famous for his excellent use of auto-tuning. But


Asian Baseball Batter Is Basically A Ninja

This clip from a Chinese high school baseball has gone viral over the weekend in the Western Internet for one reason,


Squirrel Dives Into Dugout At Phillies Game

Most fans dream about getting to just peak into the dugout at a major league baseball game. But it wasn't



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