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Old Chinese Hong Kong Man Long Basketball Shots

This man from Hong Kong is 70 years old and shoots everyday. He's got serious skills. He's a right hand…

LeBron James Nike Commercial Rise Discusses Controversy

Lebron James was and is still hated for how he handled changing teams. In this new Nike commercial LeBron asks…

Ken Jeong And Dwight Howard Fast Don’t Lie Music Video Adidas Commercial

This is pretty weird Ken Jeong And Dwight Howard sing Fast Don't Lie. There's even a cheetah.

Blake Griffin One Handed Alley Oop Clippers VS Jazz

Blake Griffin smashes a sweet alley oop against Utah.

Carl Landry, Kings Player, Falls Onto Lakers Cheerleader, Kings VS Lakers

Man that looks like it hurt. After trying to rebound the ball Matt Barnes and Carl Landry fall onto a Lakers…

Reggie Evans And Grant Hill Hit Each Other, Ejected

It looks like he smacks his ass. But they both get ejected.

Visit President Obama In NBA2K11

If you beat the game in franchise mode you can visit Barack Obama! In the video game of course. I…

Crowd Cheers For Kobe Bryant, Quickly Stop For Pau Gasol

Man that has got to hurt. A nice size crew of people were filming the Lakers walking from thier bus…

Kobe Bryant Says He’d Beat Lebron James In One On One

When Kobe Bryant is asked who would win in a one on one against Lebron James, he answers, 'I would...…

Dunk Fail – Are You Serious?

This guy feels so embarrassed. ARE YOU SERIOUS? He has the whole court to himself, but can't make it in.

World’s Farthest Basket Ball Shot From Tall Building

Amazing basket ball shot from great heights. It's in.



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