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Baseball Player Snags Flying Bat

Oh wow, he has got some serious reflexes! "Adeiny Hechavarria loses control of his bat and Luis Guillorme catches it


Action Packed Bat Crocodile War Is Full Of Lasers And Explosions

Nature shows featuring animals battling in the wild can be exciting and dramatic. But these days, most viewers have been desensitized to


Blossom The Rescued Baby Bat

Animal lover Adam Cox brings this story about a special bat. Blossom is a rare Australian flying fox bat who came into the


Bat Orphans At Australian Bat Clinic

Ricadamu posted this video about Aussie bat-mom Trish Wimberley a month ago, but it has only gone viral now. Trish looks after hundreds


Baby Bat Gets The Hiccups

This 2009 video published by JimSelleck just started to trend again now, and is featured in DailyPicks, BlameIt, and TastefullyO. Jim found


Bat Infestation Discovered Under Roof Tiles

This video from July went unnoticed for months, until suddenly going viral now after being featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks and Reddit. South


Adorably Small Orphaned Bat Is Rescued By Bat Sanctuary

Lil' Drac is a new born fruit bat who was sadly abandoned by his mother. Luckily, the caring people at