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BatDad Vine Compilation Part 5

The Internet's favorite dad, BatDad, is back! After four Vine compilations of Blake Wilson BatDad Vine account, the web still isn't tired of his…

Kids React To BatDad

BatDad, the hilarious Vine account run by Blake Wilson, the father with a nerdy superhero sense of humor, took Twitter and YouTube…

BatDad Vine Compilation 4

Batdad continues to trend online.  As per usual, the YouTube account BatDad Vine takes the best from the official Blake Wilson BatDad Vine account,…

BatDad Vine Compilation Part 3

Will Bat Dad ever get old? Most like not, as the web simply can't get enough of the hilarious short…

‘Bat Dad’ Strikes Again Vine Compilation Part 2

'BatDad' exploded onto the web two weeks ago when the YouTube channel BatDad Vine published a compilation of Blake Wilson's hilarious vine videos…



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