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Dad Singing To Baby During Bath Time Will Make You Smile

Tristen Combs discovered just how great of a father her husband is when she walked in on him in the bathroom


Convos With My 2-Year-Old Bath Time

Raising a toddler is truly an eye-opening experience. They are that tough age when they crave independence, but can't be


Four Year Old Performs Jack Nicholson “You Can’t Handle The Truth” Speech In Bath

Shani Muschel is a huge fan of the 1992 film, A Few Good Men, so much so that she taught her four


Relaxed Dog Loves Belly Rub During Bath

Dogs are notoriously very anti-bath, but that's not the case with Casper. He loves bath time. Who doesn't love lying


Puppy Doesn’t Want To Take A Bath

Kids never want to take bath when it's bath time, and dog owners know that many of their furry friends


Cat Falls In Bathtub

How many times can videos of cats falling into bathtubs go viral? I guess we'll never know, because it seems


Puppy Taking A Bath In Slow Motion

Giving your dog a bath is usually a hectic, difficult task. But you wouldn't think that by watching dachshund puppy


How To Wash A Cat

Cats love to be washed. Just listen to that horrible, I mean lovely sound that kitty is making. That means


Crows Takes Bath In Tub

A pet crow seems pretty cool when it acts like this dude. His owners put some water in the bath


Fireworks In Bath Tub

Two, I presume, Russian dudes sit in a bath tub and get a great idea. Let's light some fireworks in