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21 August, 2019

Dogs Herding Ducks

20 August, 2019



Guy Plays With Grizzly Bear Cub

Sure, puppies are cute and all, but they can't compete with bear cubs. Sadly, bear cubs aren't that easy to


Little Bulldog Scares Bears Away From House

Don't mess with this little French Bulldog! Two curious bear cubs stumbled upon this Bulldog's house who wasn't interested in


Lucky Animal Conservationist Plays With Baby Bear Cubs

Puppies are adorable of course, but who hasn't dreamed of playing with baby bear cubs? Animal conservationist Carl Bovard has


Baby Bear Cub Plays At Golf Course

This adorable video is further proof that bears and dogs are cousins. While playing at the golf course, Andi Dzilums and his friends noticed


Mother Bear Rescues Baby Bear From Highway

While traveling through the Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, tornado chaser Ricky Forbes saw a baby bear cub on the side of the


Rock Climbing Bears Will Shock You

Who knew bears could rock climb? Stephanie Latimer was kayaking when she spotted a mama bear and her baby bear climbing a


Toronto Zoo’s Polar Bear Cub Reveals His Name

Remember Toronto Zoo's viral polar bear cub superstar? The little guy has already amassed over 7 million hits!  Now, he's


Black Bear Cubs Are Freaking Adorable

The Oregon Zoo just received three orphaned black bear cubs. And they are sweeter than honey.  Even though mama bear and


Polar Bear Cub Introduced to Snow for the First Time

The Toronto Zoo's adorable new resident went viral three weeks with over 5 million views! Now, their precious polar bear cub


Polar Bear Cub’s First Steps Are Adorable

This adorable animal video by Toronto Zoo has instantly gone viral with over a quarter million hits already! The clip features


Bear Cubs Porridge Feeding

This Russian video by ksupolllosataya was posted online in 2011, but has only gone viralviral now. At a bear orphanage for bear


Playful Bear Cubs Play With Backyard Rope Swing

It's truly amazing how bear cubs are so playful just like their puppy dog cousins are. You can see just



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