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Magic Beard Stop Motion Short Film

This new video, titled Magic Beard, by Ben Garvin is trending, already appearing on Neatorama, BoingBoing, and SportsIllustrated. After growing out a…

Beard Curse

After almost hitting a man, the driver jumped out of his car and ranup to his would be victim. 'Are…

Beard Toothpick Challenge

He attempted to put 3,000 toothpicks into his beard. But he failed. He only used a little over 2,700. Dang,…

Pictures Of Growing A Beard For A Year Compilation

As part of a bet, cofauver grew his beard for a little over a year. He took a picture almost everyday…

Growing A Beard For A Year

If you have a hairy talent, you might as well use it. One hairy man decides to go a year…


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