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Strangers Really Kiss In Belgium

It's sad, but it's no surprise these day. The ultra viral video of 20 strangers kissing was a fraud, a


Chemical Train Explodes In Belgium

Around two in the morning in Wetteren, Belgium, Joachim Van Durme was woken up by a huge explosion. He looked out


Deep Bass Beatbox

There are countless beatboxers online, but few who can go as deep as this nineteen year old vocalist. Belgian beatboxer Big Ben


Texting And Driving Driver’s License Test Belgium PSA

Texting while driving isn't just an American issue. No, it's a growing problem across the Western world. To raise awareness


Big Red Button In Quiet Belgium Square Makes Real Live Dramatic Scene Unfold

Belgium TNT made this promotional viral video to launch their new channel. They placed a big red button in a quiet Flemish square


Firefighters Spray Police In Brussels Protest

A battle of the service-people broke out recently in Brussels, Belgium. Firefighters protesting a recent spike in retirement age broke through a


Biker Gang Pranks Movie Theater

Carlsberg in Belgium pulled a prank on a couple innocent movie goers by packing a theater full of angry, scary looking bikers. When the unknowning


Duck Parade In Belgium

Sometimes, the Internet shows you something so strange, and so random, it's hard to believe it's real. Take this for


Banned Belgian Dating Website Commercial

A kid on a bike wants to hang with his friends, but they all have girlfriends. He can't figure out


Short Animated Film About Belgium

And you thought America was complicated. Here's a short cartoon explaining why Belgium is so complicated.