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Beyonce New Countdown Video Copies Belgian Choreographer

Beyonce has been known to take other's work and just give it some Beyonce flair to make it her own.


Rachel Crow Sings If I Were A Boy – X Factor

Rachel Crow stormed onto the scene at the X Factor singing Mercy by Duffy. Now, in the next level of


Melanie Amaro Sings Beyonce Listen – X Factor 2011

Melanie Amaro is eighteen years old, and traveled with her whole family to her X Factor audition. She loves to constantly sing, so trying out


Flash Mob Dancing To Beyonce End Of Time At Target

Target is a favored target for flash mobs. Ye, it just makes sense. This time a group led by todrickhall burst onto


Beyonce Surprises Boy And Girls Club In Harlem

Beyonce's choreographer, Frank Gatson, was giving dance lessons at a Target in Harlem for the Boys and Girls Club, when Beyonce herself


Beyonce Run The World At Billboard Awards 2011

Beyonce performed her new single, Run The World Girls, at the Billboard Awards.       Some people are saying


Beyonce Run The World Girls Music Video

Here's the music video for Beyonce's newest single, Run The World Girls.    


Beyonce Sings God Bless The USA

Beyonce debuted her new song, God Bless The USA, on CNN. She cashes in with the patriotic song that's an


Beyonce Surprises Harlem School, Dances Move Your Body

Michelle Obama teamed up with Beyonce to help get America's kids moving again. Instead of running around in the park,


Michelle Obama Dances To Beyonce’s Move Your Body

Word on the street is Michelle Obama teamed up with Beyonce to make a song and music video to inspire


Beyonce Move Your Body Music Video

To encourage kids to get up and literally move their bodies, Beyonce shot her music video for her song Move


Beyonce Vizio Commercial

Watching he new Vizio HD TV is so engrossing even if the real thing walks by you'll watch the TV.