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Hot Girl Farting At The Beach Prank

It's no secret an attractive girl doesn't have to ask a guy at the beach twice to rub sunscreen lotion…

Guy Wearing Bikini Covers Call Me Maybe On Chatroulette

SteveKardynal is famous on YouTube for going on Chatroulette and trolling men looking for girls by wearing a bikini. He hides…

World’s Longest Line Of Girls In Bikinis

America just stole the crown for world's longest bikini parade from Australia. 450 bikini clad women walked across Panama City…

90’s Bikini Babe Gives Windows 95 Tutorial

Windows 95 really was a huge step for Microsoft, and gave consumers a whole new look and feel to their…

Girl In Bikini Face Plants Off Swing

Not all FAIL videos are equal, and not all face plant videos are equal. Take this one for example. The…

Girl In Bikini Holding An Opossum

Here's something you have definitely never seen before. A girl in a pink bikini holding an opossum like it's a baby.…


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