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‘Blurred Lines’ Mashed Up With Cosby Show Intro

It seems Bill Cosby was some sort of art visionary when creating the introduction for his popular Cosby Show sitcom.…

Impressionist Reads Fifty Shades Of Grey In Fifty Different Voices

NSFW Warning - content Impressionist Brock Backer has gone viralviral riding the coattails of the current Fifty Shades of Grey obsession in…

Bill Cosby On Dieting

World famous Jello Pudding spokesman Bill Cosby doesn't have that big of a YouTube fan base, but his most recent video…

Bill Cosby On Donald Trump Running For President

 Bill Cosby calls out Donald Trump on the Today Show. When asked about Trump running for president, Cosby brushes it…

Bill Cosby Dubstep Dancing

Bill Cosby was one of the first to drop it like it's hot. When he heard the tunes of a…



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