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Star Wars: An Unlikely Story

Not everything the Star Wars saga touches turns into gold. Hard to believe, I know, but here's your proof fam.


Halloween News Bloopers

Halloween is a guarantee for spooky times, but there is still reason to smile! [embed][/embed]


Most Embarrassing News Bloopers This Month

News reel full of bloopers > any serious news reel. [embed][/embed]


Best News Bloopers All Happened During A Few Weeks

Producing the news is a stressful job, and the pressure gets to the anchors every now and then, can we


The Best High News Bloopers

In belated honor of the 20th of April, we present to you: The Most Embarrassing News Moments When A Journalist


Some Movie Bloopers Are Just Too Good To Delete

Sometimes we wish movie directors would just keep the blooper reel, it would make for such amazing movies!


News Anchor Has A Very Dirty Theory Why Amazon Is More Successful Than Walmart

The financial world has been buzzing since Internet retail behemoth Amazon has been assessed as more valuable than Walmart last week. Countless financial talking heads


Meteorologist Finds Hanger In His Suit On The Air

Most of us get dressed without even thinking about. We're half asleep, but we all manage to put the shoe


Traffic Reporter Goes On The Air While At The Drive-Thru

FOX45 Baltimore reporter Candace Dold was doing her usual traffic report when she handed the mic over to her coworker Traffic Jam Jimmy.


Woman Answers ‘Gerbil’ To Family Feud Question: Name Something A Doctor Might Pull Out Of A Person

Every now and then, a ridiculous clip from the classic TV game show Family Feud will go viral. This is one


Phoenix Weatherman Rolls With Outrageous Weather Map Malfunctions

Even though it's winter time, the Phoenix area in Arizona is still enjoying modestly warm weather in the 60's. That's


Chris Pratt Accidentally Breaks Light Switch In Parks And Rec Blooper

Chris Pratt is a favorite on NBC's Parks And Recreation. In this hilarious Parks And Rec outtake, Chris Pratt's character