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Reading Books With Outrageous Fake Covers On The Subway Part Two

Last month, comedian Scott Rogowsky  went viral with his hilarious idea of reading books with fake, outrageous titles on the covers…

B.J. Novak Reads ‘The Book With No Pictures’ To Kids

B.J. Novak is most well known for acting as Ryan Howard on The Office and also co-producing the popular show. But…

Charming Facts About Children’s Books

Your favorite children's books are already charming. But just in case they weren't pleasing enough, super nerd John Green of Mental…

Chris Hadfield’s “Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth”

The web's favorite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, most famous for his viral videos originating on the International Space Station, has returned to…

Thug Notes On ‘Lord Of The Flies’

What American school kid didn't have Lord Of The Flies on their book reading list? The kids trapped on a desert…

Morgan Freeman Impersonator Reads ‘Everyone Poops’

Joseph Scales went viralviral over a year ago with his impressive impersonation of actor Morgan Freeman's famous speech from arguably his…

The Power Of Introverts Drawing Animation

Daniel Widfeldt Lomas Films was inspired to make this drawing animation from the book Quiet by Susan Cain. The narrator discusses how everyone…

Real Facebook Book

A facebook was originally an actual, physical book with people's pictures in college. Then it became what the world knows…

Library Book Dominoes

A library makes a cute domino video with library books.

Paper Animation Of Book Going West – Books Come To Life

An epic animation made from the literal pages of the book Going West. A snippet is narrated by a deep,…



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