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Unbelievable Bottle Balancing By Rocky Byun

This video from April is going viral right now, showing balance artist Rocky Byun stacking up some bottles at a


A Bottle Flip With Liquid Mercury In It

You are annoyed of all these water flipping videos? It gets boring after 146,156 times, right? But not with "The


Water Bottle Flipping Trick Shots

Like we said before, a fresh new trick shot trend has finally emerged after the millionth basketball video. It's water


Coca Cola And Propane Makes Sweet Bottle Rocket

Coca Cola has been a favorite for homemade experiments for ages. Ukrainian DIY nerds Kreosan demonstrate how to make a sweet


‘William Tell Overture’ Covered On Wine Bottles

Most people don't know the title William Tell Overture, but instantly recognize the Gioachino Rossini classical piece after hearing just the first


Michael Jackson Covered On Bottles

As their name suggests, the Bottle Boys are masters at performing music using regular plastic and glass bottles. For their latest project,


21 Ways To Open A Bottle

There are few things cooler than showing off to your friends the cool, unconventional way your grandpa taught you to


Video Game Medley Performed On Bottles

Remember the Bottle Boys? They last went viral performing the Disney classic Under The Sea using only bottles with varying amounts of


Bottle Boys Perform ‘Under The Sea’ Using Bottles In The Pool

As their name implies, the Bottle Boys are a group of dudes who make music with bottles.  Appropriately, their most recent and


Kitten Goes Crazy Over Milk Bottle

This adorable three week old kitten has a serious case of the munchies, and seriously goes to town on his bottle


Trio Covers Pokerface On Just Bottles

 There hasn't been much talk about Lady Gaga in a while, but that doesn't make this cover video any less


Russian Trick How To Open Bottle Of Wine With Hammer

Only a true Russian could figure out how to open of bottle of wine with a hammer. No corkscrew or