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I Just Saw My Brain


SNL Makes Walter White New Head Of The DEA

In the recent episode of "Saturday Night Life" actor Bryan Craston did guest star in his role as Heisenbe... uh..

Is ‘Breaking Bad’ a Prequel to ‘The Walking Dead’?

Netflix just got viral with their animated fan theorie of "Breaking Bad" being a possible prequel that led to the


Malcolm In The Middle Trailer Inspired By Breaking Bad

Before Bryan Cranston was Walter White, the chemistry teacher gone rogue that we all know and love from Breaking Bad, he was


Bryan Cranston Drops Yo Mama Joke On Teen From Albuquerque At Comic Con

On day one of Nerd hq 2015 during Comic-Con, fans had the opportunity to ask celebrities questions. One teen from Albuquerque, New


Aaron Paul Pushes Junk Food In Weight Watchers Super Bowl Commercial

One Breaking Bad commercial is already trending, and now this Weight Watchers commercial which aired during the Superbowl is creating a buzz


Walter White Works As A Pharmacist In Esurance Super Bowl Commercial

What if you walked into your local pharmacy to pick up a prescription only to find you regular pharmacist wasn't


Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab Frozen Breaking Bad Parody

The Internet nerds of Animeme have proved that you don't have to be on time to go viral. On the contrary, if


Walter White In Space

After being encouraged by their fans, TV Tag sent Breaking Bad's Walter White into space. No, not the real Walter White. Just a


Rick Grimes VS Walter White Epic Rap Battle

There's no question that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are two of the most popular TV shows from the past


Walter White’s Facebook Look Back Movie Parody

By now, most users are tired of the nostalgic Facebook Look Back videos that litter their Newfeeds. But Breaking Bad fans are


The Real Walter White Documentary

The name Walter White has become well known after the success of Breaking Bad. But before the show even premiered