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Honest Trailer Of Die Hard

There is only one action movie that is also a holiday movie. We're talking about Die Hard of course. Back in the


Boy Dance Party SNL Skit With Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis was the guest host on NBC's Saturday Night Live this weekend, and brought the house down in this Boy


Looper – Futuristic Action Thriller Trailer

In the future, when the mob wants to take someone out, they don't get their own hands dirty. They send


Denzel Washington In 1998 Movie The Siege Explains Why America Shouldn’t Torture

Its scary when old Hollywood movies tell the truth of the present. In the 1998 movie, The Siege, Denzel Washington


Black Mamba Nike Trailer Commercial With Kobe Bryant, Bruce Willis, Kanye West, Danny Trejo

Kobe Bryant stars along with  Bruce Willis, Kanye West, and Danny Trejo, in an epic Nike Basketball Production. Famous director Robert


Bruce Willis Wears Meat Hat On Late Show With Dave Letterman

Bruce copies Lady Gaga, and wears a hamburger helmet hat. It looks good. Dave takes a bite.