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Popping Tons Of Bubble Wrap With Hydraulic Press

The Internet has been bored of 'will it blend' for some time now. But a new strange video series has…

Bubble Wrap Battle

Everyone loves bubble wrap. There's just something so satisfying about popping those little bubbles one by one. To properly celebrate…

Raccoon Loves Popping Bubble Wrap As Much As We Do

Ahh, the joys of popping bubble wrap. Apparently, we aren't the only ones who love to pop the plastic air…

Bubble Wrap Popping Bike

Comedian Eric Buss┬áhas just unveiled his newest invention that very well may change the world, but definitely won't. He hacked…

Cats On Bubble Wrap

Cats are very timid, nervous creatures. When they walk on bubble wrap, and it starts poppin', they freak out. The…



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