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When Bungeejumping Goes Wrong… Ouch

You're full of adrenaline, and the last thing you want to happen is tripping over. Ouch.


Rope Swinging From A Hot Air Balloon Is As Epic As It Sounds

How can you take base jumping or bungee jumping to the next level? How about jumping off a hot air


Russian Bungee Jumper Screams Like Monkey

This Russian bungee jumper understandably looks nervous before his jump.  But it is his hilarious reaction that has launched the helmet


Friends Prank Groom To Think He Is Bungee Jumping At His Bachelor Party

What's a bachelor party without a brutal prank played on the groom? Rutlesjef and his Norwegian buddies did just that. They told


Blindfolded Bungee Jump Into Water Prank

Instead of going to the bar or strip club for his bachelor party, this group of friends decided to take the groom-to-be


Paraplegic Girl Goes Bungee Jumping

Being stuck in a wheel chair as a paraplegic can drain the life out of someone, but not this woman.


Aussie Girl’s Bungee Chord Breaks While Jumping In Africa

While touring in Africa, Erin Laung Worth decided to go bungee jumping. The only thing that can go wrong while bungee