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Basketball Gets Stuck On Rim After Buzzer Beater Shot

It was a shot that could have made the game for Rock Creek Mustangs while playing Riley County Falcons in the Kansas Mid-East


Student Wins Truck Scoring Scoring Buzzer Beater Half Court Shot

Drake student Alex Tillinghast was given the chance to win a brand new Ford F-150 truck. All he had to do was


Behind The Back Three Pointer Buzzer Beater

Remember the recent viral video of James Young saving the ball from out of bounds by launching it behind the


Stolen, Then Stolen Back Half Court Buzzer Beater

New Rochelle student Khalil Edney is the latest basketball player to go viral online for scoring an amazing half court buzzer


Full Court Shot With A Bounce Buzzer Beater

Coach Babbitt admits that he has "never before seen a full court shot like this." With just moments to spare at a high


Chubby Kid Scores Amazing Behind The Back Buzzer Beater

This exciting buzzer-beater video posted by gljuggler has just gone viralviral now, quickly amassing over 90,000 views. In a scene seemingly taken


Colorado High School Basketball Buzzer Beater Tip In To Win In Over Time

In over time during the Colorado state championship game, Chaparral High School only had five seconds to take the win, or


Half Court Buzzer Beater At Double Overtime

The Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State Dominguez Hills game was neck and neck for two entire overtime quarters. Finally,


Lindsey Wilson College Full Court Buzzer Beater To Beat Georgetown

This video has become a viral sensation, being viewed 1.3 million times in just a week and has been awarded


High School Basketball Team Wins With Over The Back Board Buzzer Beater Shot

A recent high school basketball game in Nebraska had a very 'family movie style' ending. Tied at the fourth quarter against Freeman,


Third Grader Buzzer Beater

St. Matthew's plays Holy Trinity in Oregon when one of the greatest basketball shots a third grader even threw took place.


Backwards Buzzer Beater

This could be the ending to a cheesy Disney sports movie. Austin Groff of Twin Valley South High School has